The 7 Great Paladins of the great God of Gods, Brentacaus. They are powerful beings that Brent conducts his actions through them, and are his most trusted warriors. As Brent cannot stay on this plane too long without destroying it, he must use them as his arms, legs, eyes, and ears. He bequeathed his power to each of them, each having their own special abilities and power. These powerful beings defend the universes, dimensions and realms from massive threats, but rarely working all together to defeat one foe. Their names and abilities are:

Tony, the necromancer spear man; an agile lancer, said to have thrown his spear across universes, can penetrate any armor and can raise the dead to do his bidding.

Darron, the Holy Pyromancer; Very powerful, able to wield any holy blade, and can control great firestorms and fireballs.

Cole, the Master of Sound; can start massive ripples of sound that can even open Sam's pores for a second and can cause huge AOEs that can shake the multi-verse itself. 

Asher, the Blessed one; while not able to pack a punch, he can buff the other paladins and allies to the point of being "OP af".

Cameron, the Unseen; the fastest out of all the great warriors, has a dagger that does massive damage against bare flesh and runs so fast its said you can't see him until your last moments.

Dayton, the Dooms day starter; Like Asher, he does not pack much of a punch, but he can degrade the intelligence strength and agility of enemies.

Nic, The Strong; The strongest of all men, weilds a greatsword as mighty as Mas himself.

"In the before times, Brent's hand came down from the holy veil, a luminous force gave way to 7 mortals. These 7 mortals will be the great paladins of Brentacaus." - An Excerpt from The Epic of Brentacaus