Austin in his true form

A Cyclops that was born nameless, terrorized the realm of 7.51(WOMSON). He is about the weight of a blue whale and the height of a castle. He mainly preyed on children them and smashed them. He later was nicknamed "Austin Cassidy" by the citizens of the Realm.

Austin cannot travel to different Realms, as Brentacaus banned their presence on all but one realm sequence, 7.00(WOMSON).

Austin later died fighting an army of the white, the main military force of Realm 7.51. There were 5,000 men that overwhelmed Austin. In the fighting, Austin killed 1,000 men. But, he did not die by the men, he died at the moment a sword pierced his colon, and died of his tumor exploding in his colon.

He is now known as an urban legend amoungst the many villages in the realm-Austin.