Once guardian of the shadow realm born in the 1st Age of Destruction, this ancient deity ruled over forbidden lands, with tremendous power. At the origin of his existence, He was but a lonely being, completely void of life. But, he managed to gather an ancient, powerful, relic. Sam's long lost mole. It gave him Unheard abilities to enhance his powers within the shadow realm. With the mole, he would soon become one of the fiercest beings in all the realm. The power he possessed could not possibly be contained, for once was owned by a true titan of power and wealth, he had to take it to the once place no one could find it. The shadow realm. Bahnson learned to harness the power of the shadow realm at a young age, however he never experienced its full potential. As soon as he touched Sam's Mole, convulsions overtook his body, and he emerged a new man.