Colton is a Minotaur and a rich false prophet, and secretly denies the existence of Brentacaus. This is seen as a mighty sin to the mighty Brentacaus. Brentacaus, extremely mad and seeking punishment for such a mongrel, he gave Colton mental illnesses, such as Depression, insanity, and Anxiety.

Before this punishment though, he bought a castle in the Realm 3.65(Spode Realm). After he went mad he bought thousands of books on the The Theory of "The Unknown Territory".

He painted, wrote books, and wrote letters about it. The letters were to great lords and explorers, but no one ever believed him until evidence of it came upon the eyes of the scientists in other realms. He never found out why it was there or what creatures lurked in there, or even if there were creatures in it.

He died by old age locked in his archives for decades, and will forever be known for the first depictions of the Unknown Territory.