Final Fantasy: Just Add Water is an upcoming turn-based role playing game created by Eroen515 with technical advice from former president Jimmy Carter, scenarios by gaming legend Hideo Kojima, and secondary programming by C# creator Paul Blart. FF:JAW has been in development for a couple years now and is now finally approaching release. It is created in RPG Maker VX Ace, a very prestigious and difficult to use program famously used to create the The Elder Scrolls Online. The game stars the hero Rick Harrison on a grand quest to purge the land of evil skeletons and the void which houses them, as well as to discover the wherabouts of the ancient legendary warrior Chung and the things he left behind. Rick is joined by the defensive fighter Velma Dinkly, the speedy cleric Squidward, and the full out attacking glass-cannon Robocop. The game has over 12 challenging bosses to duel with, as well as a world spanning series of side quests with puzzle elements and bonus content in store for them. This game has literally nothing to do with The Shadow Realms and I am just using this site to advertise it. The game's gameplay trailer can be found below, and various other trailers for the game can be found on said channel. A download link for the game will be added to this page when available. Keep in mind changes are still being made to the game and the video does not reflect the final product.

*UPDATE* FF:JAW has finally been released! An installation guide with a link to download the game can be found below. Please note that currently, FF:JAW can only run on Windows. This is due to the fact that RPG Maker only supports Windows. Sorry if you are a Mac user.