"In the beginning, there was but one being. His name was Brentacaus. The consumer of all holy power, this being controlled the mightiest of things. This... was the era before time began. The age of the ancients emerged soon after, becoming children of Brentacaus. It is said only the mightiest of ancients have see the face of Brentacaus, and that one titan is JACK, THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS.

Fearing that JACK was not powerful enough, Brentacaus brought about another ancient, an ancient that would mold the very fabric of time and show no mercy of his foes. This ancient was JACOB THE ABOMINATION OF ALL. The power that these two ancients gave, could not be contained, for Brentacaus feared that he himself would not have the power to stop them. At that moment, he transcended from this world, his work was done. The ancients shall take over his work, and complete the dynasty of the the ancients.

Of course, Brentacaus's fears had been fulfilled. The ancients power was too strong, it brought about the apocalypse. It was said only the mightiest would survive, and the prophesy was not wrong. SAAAAAM, TITAN OF EARTH, was the mightiest titan all the realms had ever seen. It was prophesied that he would over take the ancients, so there was no other option. The ancients had to banish him from the shadow realm, a realm forbidden by all normal warriors and a place for the truly wicked. There, SAAM would find a mentor. A mentor of great wisdom of to teach SAAM the ways of a true titan. From then on, that mentor was known as.... BAHNSON."-Excerpt from the Holy Bible of Brentacaus, the Hostess