Sam, Titan of Earth and Thunder of thighs (aka Mas) is a powerful being who lurks around his realm, threatened by none. While there is no such thing as weight or mass in the shadow realm, Sam, by some magic (We assume casted from Bobby) has given Sam mass in the Shadow Realm, becoming one of the most powerful beings in all of the realms, dimensions and universes.

Sam can be summoned with a Titanium catalyst, and an ancient ritual conducted with 2 other humans. This is an extremely dangerous practice, and if done wrong, will end in your ultimate demise. This ritual is called "The Thunder Claps", as Sam's Breasts clap when he reaches out from the shadow realm.

In battle, Sam is feared. His massive hands can grab multiple armies at once and crush them. His overhead swings are devastating to the planet he is on and his stomps create ripples through space. His thick fat acts as natural armor against all forms of damage, reducing it all down to negligible damage. But when both moles are cut off, his fat becomes weaker, and it is advised to use spear of some sorts to finish him, as his fat still acts as very good armor against blunt objects. You should try to sneak the spear point into one of his massive pores.

The only death of Sam that was recorded was when Darron and Tony ganged up against this mighty foe and Darron used Excalibur to chop off Sam's moles, and Tony shot a spike right into Sam's pore that eventually lead to his heart. These series of events caused his heart to finally give out.