NoobSlayer_2004 is well known as one of the old lords of OSRS. He has only ever been clearly seen by one player, who was named TheLegend27 and he keeps kicking my ass on Game of War. According to this player, NoobSlayer_2004 wears full bronze armor because if he wore anything better than that, he would have too much power causing the world to break apart. NoobSlayer_2004 has the highest stats and exp in the game in all skills, plus he can smith dragon weapons using extremely rare dragon metal that only he can get as a rare drop from dragon dragons (I heard this from my friends Kevin and Trent so I'm not sure if it is true if anybody knows otherwise please tell me). All those who have challenged NoobSlayer_2004 in the wilderness have reportedly logged off of the game permanently after seeing him since his godlike appearance causes all those touched by its grace to either immediately kill themselves or to stop playing video games forever and dedicate their lives to searching for a higher power. Moderators and admins have tried many times to ban NoobSlayer_2004, but each time he is banned he comes back into the game even stronger and with 4 more bronze shortswords in his bank. His bank value is about 67 gp. There have been talks at Jagex HQ about how containing NoobSlayer_2004 was pointless and that he should just be made the owner of Runescape. NoobSlayer_2004 has not responded to these claims since his mom doesn't want him talking to strangers.
Bronze Armour Pose