There are many stories of each and every Paladin that was made by Brentacaus but this one is follows the great adventures of Tony the necromancer spearman and Dayton the Doomsday starter. 'Sam' or as other people call him "Mas" Is the son of the great giants known as Jack THE DESTORYOR OF WORLDS and Keaton THE PROFANE GIANT, it is still debated today who won custody of "Mas' and after the long custody battle of him is what sparked the Great Giants turning in to corrupt TITANS. Now our story begins post The Age of Peace where our two heros set out to kill Jack THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS after 'Mas' Had been slain. The once before Paladin 'Nic the strong' has ascended to the mighty role of the second story teller, but the first physical one. Nic has summoned Tony and Dayton to go scope out the plains of greats as where Jack and Keaton once resided peacefully together. As Dayton and Tony start their journey they stumble on a lonesome young baby who is 500 times the average size as another normal baby. This 'child' only responds with 'lil boi pu33y' once the adventures ask for the child's name he only would repeat those 3 words, it is rumored that this child is Austin the Cyclops. These adventures decide to leave the lonesome 'child' because they got better shit to do. Once Our two Adventures get to the great plains they only see one Titan, Tony prepares his spear, while Dayton prepared his great ball of autism. Once the two adventures reached the Titan they soon realized it was Jack THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS they begin their attack which took them a total of 7 whole days of nonstop fighting, near the end of the brawl Tony is almost slain and is recueded by both Nic and Dayton. Dayton put the Titan into an Autistic temper tantrum so he pound the ground rather than pounding both of our heros, Nic Gave Tony the Courage and Physical ability to keep fighting, after that the fight was soon opened as Dayton made the Titan so mad at himself that that the great one open his pours and once the Titan did this Tony had hurled his Mighty spear into the Titans Pours and killed the once former Ancient Giant putting 'Jack' into eternal sleep.