You may have heard of this "Shadow Realm". But what is it really? It is a Realm you are in right now in fact. Powerful beings lurk in different Realms. You, live in your own universe, and that universe is contained inside the realm, which is contained in the Shadow Dimension. Outside of this Shadow Realm is The Holy Veil, The place we worship to be our afterlife and where the God of Gods, Brentacaus, lives.

Outside of this Realm, we do not know. Another dimension? Another Shadow Realm outside our grasp? A multidimensional Realm?

Anyways, these powerful beings can be summoned for battles and wars.We recommend Sam, Titan of Earth though.

Realms themselves are a bit like radio stations, and you change to the right frequency to go to different realms. Besides supernatural means, you can also use an app on your phone or some shit to move between realms.