NEW Shadow Realm Game!!!!Edit

Yes that is right, the new shadow realm game is here based on this very fandom wiki. Created in Unreal Engine 4.

This is an open Alpha.

The Game is only in alpha v1.0.0 (I will update this as I post updates to the site.

Play as your Favorite paladins in multiple realms to save the multiverse from Titans.

Come download the game at

Note all of the music was created personally from the Dev himself and Alex Sharkey


Millions of years ago a light bestowed a powerful force that created many Universes. This light was Brentacus, he was the god of space and time. Creator of worlds master of the forces, although he created good he also spawned evil. These titans, Jack the Destroyer of Worlds and Keaton The Profane Giant, created one of the biggest and worst titan of them all, Sam Titan of Earth, known to many as Mas. Brentacus then had to fight this evil with a greater good more powerful than Mas himself. He then had to fight Sam creating 7 Paladins in doing so from his own light. These paladins were Tony the Necromancer Spearman, Darron the Holy Pyromancer, Cole the Master of Sound, Asher the Blessed One, Cameron the Unseen, Dayton the Doomsday Starter, and Nic the Strong. The waves and ripples of the power through time and physical space, that opened Sam's pores and Brentacaus hurled the massive bolt at Sam, Titan of Earth. As this Light hit Sam, Brentacaus felt a part of himself tear him. Being here is destroying the planes, potentially exiling everything in existence. He left for the Holy Veil immediately in a bright flash. Sending Sam into the The Unknown Territory. Thousands of years later an unspeakable evil has been unleased and you must take part as one of the paladins and stop Mas and his minions from destroying The Shadow Realm.