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Hi, Welcome to The Shadow Realm, Where massive beings roam and can be summoned to YOUR realm. There are many, many beings, as there are thousands of realms.

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It is obvious what this Wiki is about you bumbling moron.

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  • new page Jimmy the Defiler
    created by Chiefexecutivechief
    New page: Jimmy the Defiler punishes those who don't feed his ever growing hunger. With a swoop of his monster tongue he'll snatch up yer kids, yer wife,...
  • new page Bryce the Ogre
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: *Oh boy this is an old site, but I'm bored and decided to add it here* Bryce the Ogre is a terrifying beast. Brentacus created this beast to smoke...
    Summary: Added "Bryce the Ogre
  • discussion page Talk:Steven the Hedgehog
    new comment by Roboromb
    Comment: What is this

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