The Thunder Claps is a bloody and dangerous ritual that in the end, summon the legendary Sam, Titan of Earth and Thunder of Thighs. Before this ritual, you must have Bronson summoned onto the battlefield for this ritual to work. All humans must stand in a circle.

There are a few materials for this ritual:

Titanium Catalyst

Spode Schlock

3 (total) humans

The book of ancient rivalries

Steps to summon Sam:

  1. Use the spell of "Grease and Heat" on your Titanium Catalyst
  2. Cast the spell "Summon Legend" using your Titanium Catalyst
  3. A big ball of red goo will appear in front of the three of you, this will appear for about 5 seconds so you need to be fast, each of you take our your spode schlock and pore a good amount in there, and if it works, the goo will reach out to one of you to go to the shadow realm itself. There that human must take out The Book of Ancient Rivalries to survive in the Shadow Realms abyss like form.
  4. From there speak with Sam, and it revolves around the ability to persuade Sam into leaving The Shadow Realm and being summoned to our world.

If the persuasion is successful then he will be summoned and will fight immediately but his breasts will still clap.