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The Unknown Territory in the Shadow Realm is were beings of great destruction are banished to. No one knows of whats there, except the people who were banished. All we have come to know from the banished is that it is a wasteland with no sun or plant life at all but there are strange and mysterious creatures who live there that the banished fed off of. There are four lakes in the Wasteland and all of the water is black. We have also learned that there might be people living in this hellish area, the only reason to believe this is that there were sounds of yelling and swords clanging but you can't tell in the dark above from the shadow realm.

Many have been banished but there were only a couple who came back including one of the most powerful beings in existence: Sam Titan of Earth.

The great Brentacaus has painted us a mental picture it shows the Beginning of the wasteland were you can see the light of your old home. This is just the painted version of it.

The only being that knows much of the Unknown Territory is Brentacaus himself but he will not speak to us for his words are too powerful.